“Enough waiting. We want to know.”

Thousands of Lebanese have gone missing without a trace, much to the dismay of their parents, children, spouses or friends. A Lebanese association has launched a campaign aiming to bring back the missing to headlines, in an effort to mobilize people and encourage action.

ACT for the Disappeared is responsible for this campaign, which will be on social networks, TV spots and billboards in an effort to publicize the need to find those disappeared. The campaign will end on a poignant day, November 17th, which is the 30th anniversary of the first gathering of the families of the missing.

No words can better describe the campaign's motive than it's own slogan: "It’s time to know the fate of the disappeared; it’s time to act."

Let us all unify for this important cause. Let us all act.

ACT for the Disappeared Launches Campaign for Action

(Photo via ACT for the Disappeared)


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