Spotted on a wall in Hamra:"Est-ce beau la?" (It's French for "Is it nice here"?)

Now, say that out loud five times fast. "es-boh-la/es-boh-la/es-bow-luh/hez-bow-lah/hizb-allah"

See what I did there?

@1mazenkhaled was quick to point out this odd coincidence that a witty artist came up with. Created by "Parole," a Belgian graffiti artist who works on the distortion of signs, phonetics and words, the play-on-words graffiti is posted three times around Hamra.

Rebellious or ingenious? You decide.

Let's Play a Game with Graffiti in Hamra

(Photo via @mazenkhaled)


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This looks familiar

Saladin Sid on Nov 2, 2012 via web