Can you believe October is already over? I really can't! Time flies crazy fast when you work on a schedule.

So seeing as yesterday was the "scariest" evening of the year, it's only fair that we post a Halloween memento of the fun times that were. This particular photo, tweeted by @alaakabalan is probably my favorite one.

Featuring a stencil of a cat with a witch's hat, it's this subtle kind of artsy flair that gives this photo it's quality. What with most night ending in a drunken crazy yesterday, it's nice to see something truly done in the spirit of Halloween. No skanky costume required.

Post-Halloween Fun Times

(Photo via @alaakabalan)



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thank you for the tweet <3 here are more images of the stencils we have done that night for Halloween :D

Alaa Safi Kabalan on Nov 2, 2012 via web