I sure as hell ain't.

Still, I've got nine more days to kick up my running routine, and so do you! Now I'm not exactly the fittest of people, but running, jogging, or even power walking for charity is good in my book. And in nine days you can definitely improve.

So, my suggestions for hopeful runners aren't expert advise, but rather common sense:

1. Practice every day from now till the race. Every day...every SINGLE day.
2. Figure out if you want to run the whole thing, slow jog, power-walk or do intervals. This will determine the rest of your work-out strategy as well as where you'll be on the marathon day.
3. Eat healthy - this one should be obvious. Don't slow yourself down with heavy meals, especially the day before the race.
4. Stretch, stretch, STRETCH! My old running coach would always describe leg muscles as tootsie rolls (a taffy candy), stiff and tear-able without the proper warm-up.
5. Get your playlist ready; running music that charges you up and keeps you going for as long as you need.

Lastly, make sure you remember that this is for charity. It's fine to be competitive, but for those of you (including myself) jogging or walking for the fun of it, chillax, exercise and have fun!

Good luck everyone!

Are You Ready for the Beirut Marathon?

(Photo via www.beirutmarathon.org)



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