@Beirutiyat tweeted this plea found in the window of someone's car. Roughly translated, it reads as: "Please don't blow up anything next to my car, half of it's in my name and half of it's in the bank's name."

Obviously making light of the recent bombing occurrence, the anonymous writer raises a valuable point: most people affected by tragedy pay for everything out of their own pockets. Insurance in Lebanon isn't as common as it should be, and poverty is too widespread to assume that it will be common in the future. That's why relief efforts and charities are so important. Those who have plenty should part with some so that those that have nothing may live.

Seriousness aside, I commend anonymous for his humorous outlook. Sometimes the best way to get over tragedy is to make light of it - albeit in an appropriate manner.

Please Don't Blow Up Anything

(Photo via @Beirutiyat)


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