If you're Canadian or ever been to Canada, chances are you've heard of Tim's Horton. It's only the biggest restaurant chain in Canada and named after a Canadian hockey player. No big deal.

So Lebanon's apparently a hockey fan too, who knew? So much so that they created their very own restaurant/cafe, dubbing it "Team Horton" as a show of Canadian pride and/or knock off ingenuity. @LZFakhoury captured a photo of the restaurant and tweeted her laughter about the all-too-common Lebanese tradition of franchise infringement.

I've seen stores with Disney logos, a joint with the Chicago Bulls mascot as a sign, and I'm sure we've all seen the infamous "adidas" brand that is almost as common as the Lebanese flag. But hey, it's kind of a Lebanese tradition by now.

Let's show our amusement by decking out in Canadian gear and heading on over to Team Horton. Oh... Canada.

Team Horton...or Tim Horton?

(Photo via @LZFakhoury)



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