1. The Cocktail of the Week: First and foremost, you must, must, must try the drinks. The awesome thing about Feb 30 is that there's a special cocktail every week that the head bartender - who's name is Wassim by the way - makes up using only the freshest ingredients. This week I got to try the "Gangnam Style," named after the infamous dance craze that's been on everyone's and their mother's Facebook feed. Brilliantly mixed with just the right amount of sweetness, the Gangnam Style cocktail boasted a cantaloupe-y flavor with the subtle hint of grape. Totes refreshing. If anything, I might stop by weekly just to see what scrumptious concoction they might make up next.

2. The Mature Atmosphere: I'm a chillax person who prefers breezy Beatles' tunes to Lil' Wayne any day. That's one of the main reason's why I love February 30; the crowd is a mature +24 and the atmosphere positively reeks of tranquility. It's a perfect after-work getaway spot of easy music, comfy seating, and tasty treats.

3. Food, Glorious Food: If you're a burger lover, look no further. Australian wagyu beef patties are here for you. Served with melted chedder and onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickels on the side, you can pick and choose what to accessorize your burger with. Or do the sensible thing and eat it all. If you're a fan of seafood, go for the Rollin Rock Shrimp Tempura or the Seriously Salmon Uzu Zukuri. Got a sweet tooth? Go for cheesecake with red fruits and coulis, Nutella brownies, or chocolate fondant. Still not convinced? Well they've got open arak and mashawi every Sunday, in an all you can barbeque for only 27 dollars. Weekday and weekend yum.

4. Awesome Decor: Easily the coolest looking pub in Alleyway, February 30 is an eclectic mixture of antique style combined with urban comfort. My absolute favorite thing in the pub is an actual swing hanging from the ceiling - my seat of choice fosho. Couches made out of old motorcycles, recycling bins and ancient furniture (some of which is on the ceiling) give February 30 a home-y feel that you can't find anywhere else.

5. Hassan! (And Wassim): A supercool bartender with an even cooler Halloween hat, Hassan may be one of the reasons I go back to February 30 (besides all the stuff above, of course). And even though Wassim, the aforementioned head bartender, didn't take a picture, he's also still pretty cool. The entire staff is actually awesome, and I had no problemo conversing with the bartenders and managers. So even if you visit alone, you'll always find someone chill to converse with.

And a bonus number 6, just for kicks: The February 30 Cocktail: Tis the signature drink of awesome. Seriously, I had to stop myself from chugging the whole thing at once, in efforts to remember that I'm a lady. A minty lemonade-like slushie that tastes like it came from heaven, the February 30 cocktail was easily my favorite thing of the whole night. Which is pretty awesome considering how much I love burgers.

My absolute favorite pub in Hamra, February 30 delivers with food, drink, and super chillax atmosphere. I seriously can't recommend it enough.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Go to February 30

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thank u it was a real pleasure reading the article always pleased to serve u (wassim)

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