Jabal Moussa reflects a true mosaic of ecological systems. These systems broadly represent the bio-geography region of the evergreen sclerophyllic shrubs and forests within Mediterranean biomes. A dominant feature of the biosphere reserve is its pristine world of steep, verdant mountainsides rising from a river lined with cool aromatic sycamore trees, to reach summits of statue-like karstic rocks.

The Biosphere Reserve is divided into a core area mainly dedicated to expert visits and research, a buffer zone where more ecotourism activities take place, and a transition zone that involves human activities and human use of land. The transition zone covers around half of the biosphere reserve's area, and its predominant land uses include: forest management, charcoal production, traditional agricultural activities, fruit trees plantation, grazing, and seasonal recreation.

Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

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    Jabal Moussa Adonis Tel.: +9619643464
    Mob.: +96171944405


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