“B7eb l ser3a… Bmout fiya.” Roughly translated, the picture, tweeted by @RulaJadayel, reads “I Love Speed to Death.”

The slogan of the new campaign of the Youth Association for Social Awareness (YASA) in collaboration with the Lebanese Association for Sports Injury Prevention (LASIP) and the Syndicate of Outdoor Advertising, was recently created by advertising agency Clémentine. A thoughtful statement that provokes a combination of emotions, the slogan makes light on a common Lebanese saying that, in all honesty, is a bit worrying to begin with.

We as a culture often venture to the extreme, exaggerating our speech to the edge of acceptance and tinging our colloquialisms with effort. It's no wonder why many of the youth of today go out of their way to drink, do drugs, and speed; it has become almost cultural. For that reason, I commend YASA for their road safety campaign, and hope that it does make a difference in our habits.

Live for safety, don't die for speed.

Die For Speed

(Photo via @RulaJadayel)


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