Another day, another misleading news report linking young people who listen to Metal music with Satanism and devil worship. Al-Jadeed news broadcast a report this week titled, “the truth about the devil worshipers of Dahr El Wahesh.”

In the story, reporter Dalal Bazzi interviews various people from the Dahr El Wahesh area who claim they heard “weird” music being played loudly, in some kind of a “weird ritual,” at the Al Qortbawi School, an abandoned vestige of the Lebanese Civil War. They also claimed that the people present at the “ritual” had very long hair, wore masks, and were hitting each other. I will not go through and describe the whole video, watch it below and judge for yourself.

All this sounds pretty strange when you hear it like that, but what those people fail to see is that this was actually all part of a musical event that had been advertised for the past few months as an event called “Massacore.” What is Massacore? Put simply, it's a gathering of DJs and Metal bands, which played show where people don't actually hit each other, but create what are called, "moshpits." Moshpits are just another form of dancing for Metalheads, but instead of moving to the beat, we bump into each other, sometimes violently (but still to the beat). Not so scary now is it? But leave it to the Lebanese media to label this devil worship.

The ignorance and close-mindedness of some people in our country is absolutely mind-blowing, and the fact that horrendous reporting by a leading TV station is allowed like this is intolerable. Metal music is NOT about worshiping the devil or whatever other nonsense the TV stations come up with to keep the masses in fear. Most Metalheads I know (including myself) come from good families, have good jobs, and most importantly, have a real passion for Metal music. And the beautiful thing about it is, all types of people are Metalheads, they just have different ways of showing it.

Metalheads don’t all have long hair and wear t-shirts with band logos on them, or lots of tattoos, or do drugs. What some individuals do on their own time doesn't necessarily mean that the whole community is doing the same. So please, Lebanese media, stop with the generalizations because everyone is getting sick of them, and we can see right through your lies.

Metal Music is Not Devil Worship

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Whard Sleiman on Mar 8, 2013 via web