54 years ago, the world was a totally different place. Beirut was cleaner, less populated and dubbed the "Paris of the Middle East" - and for good reason.

The sparkling center of tourism, trade and education, Beirut was the light of the Middle East, as evident by this black-and-white shot tweeted by @3aleyle. Look at how nice and orderly those cars are parked! How sharp the gentlemen appear! The cleanliness of the streets! I can smell the lack of pollution from over here.

In the heart of Downtown Beirut, 54 years ago, the clock tower stood erect. Half a century later it is still just as recognizable, proving that thought time may change and memories may fade, somethings actually do remain the same. Beautiful then, beautiful now; our Beirut.

Half a Century of Beirut

(Photo via @3aleyle)



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