Popular real estate company, Sayfco Holding, has ignited fire with poorly written and inappropriate tweets that look as if they've been published by a 15-year-old whiny teenager.

A heated argument between @ohmyhappiness and @SAYFCO was the highlight of this morning's twitter scene, with the two tweeps nonsensically bickering for a good half hour. The petty conversation was continuously interrupted by side-parties, until @ohmyhappiness was blocked by from accessing Sayfco's twitter account. In a turn of events, Sayfco's obviously incompetent social media manager parryed insults while shamelessly promoting the company, all featured in the below snippet of their conversation. If you'd like to view the rest of the banter, feel free to access either of their twitter handles to see the complete version.

It seems to me that this entire conflict could have been avoided if those who dislike Sayfco's tweets just straight up blocked them from their twitter. Immature tweets are completely unnecessary when civility is an option. And considering the fact that Sayfco is a major company that relies on social media as a means to contact their costumers, ill managed twitter accounts are an all around bad idea. Totally unprofessional.

If you'd like to read more about the Sayfco fiasco, read about yesterday's banter between tweeps @jazrette, @krikOrianm and @SAYFCO themselves. Sigh. I miss the days of cordiality.

When Social Media Is Not The Answer

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Mohamad Itani on Jun 14, 2013 via web