Though technically released in June of 2011, Lebanon, as per usual, has only just introduced the iCade to its markets. This week we spotted iCade boxes stacked high at Virgin Megastore, Hamra.

Sadly, it’s not what we hoped for. To use the iCade, you have to purchase an app, register an account, and pay either $1 per 3-games, or $14.99 for all 100 supported classic Atari games.

Ultimately, you need to weigh your options. Is the steep price of $99 for the iCade itself, plus the cost of the games, worth the classic arcade vibe it promises to deliver? Or is buying a top-of-the-line $600+ tablet, only to play 8-bit games, completely ridiculous?

I think I’ll stick with the Pokémon Silver Version on my Game Boy Color, thank you very much.

If you care to know the history, check it out here.

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