So @mayamakkawi may have just captured the almost-apocalypse on camera this weekend.

All weekend long the storm raged the sea, waves crashed up onto the Corniche, and people hoping for a leisurely walk were drenched. Sunday morning brought an unexpected half-hour hailstorm that dampened the spirits (and clothes) of the Beirut Marathon runners.

Volunteers and runners that didn't abandon ship emerged drenched and sodden at the end of the day, clutching their "You Participated in the Marathon!" medals. Worth it? Debatable.

Luckily, the battering rain and hail storm only lasted a day. Or maybe not so lucky for the Beirut Marathon participants. But hey, if you can't handle the rain... or the apocalypse... stay off the streets.

Just an Apocalypse. No Big Deal

(Photo via @mayamakkawi)


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