Lebanon's very own fashion guru, Georges Chakra, made a stop in Texas yesterday to contribute his Beirut-based couture line to Fashion Houston.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Chakra has certainly broken the mold of the typical "lawyer, doctor, or engineer" expectation every Arab parent has for their children. Despite being highly renowned internationally, Chakra has yet to breach fame in the U.S. and yesterday will have been his first trip to Houston.

From what the Houston Chronicle reports in this article, Chakra seems to have taken to Texas. "[In Beirut], we have the same weather," said Chakra. "So I think I'll like it." He even describes what he'd dress the First Lady in, should he have the chance.

"Ah, Mrs. Obama," he said. "It would be a light, powdery yellow. Very pastel yellow."

Well, Mr. Chakra, we'll definitely be feeling some country pride if the next U.S. headline reads, "Lebanese designer dresses First Lady".

Fashion Guru Georges Chakra Stops in Houston

(Photo via @ItsCindyB)


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