I'll be the first to admit it - I really don't like weddings.

I'm not too big on wearing the uber fancy dresses, taking hours on make-up and wearing painful six-inch heels...but hey, to each his own right? I always make sure to secure a pack of cards or my favorite paperback before I traverse into a night of bellydancing and debbkah.

That's why I love this photo, tweeted by @YourWeddinglb, of a wedding goodie-bag for kids. Crayons and sweets secured in a tasteful bundle, this awesome idea makes sure that those bored with the festivities have something else to do. And yeah, I know I'm not one of the kids, but coloring can be pretty damn fun. So why the hell not?

Crayons and George Orwell - the perfect dates for any wedding. Now if only I could go barefoot.

Wedding Fun for Everyone

(Photo via @YourWeddinglb)


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