1. Free Entrance, Free Open Bar, Free Awesome

'Nuff said. You just gotta register. Easy peasy, right?

2. Gotta show our support for Lebanese start-ups

Let's face it. The Lebanese economy pretty much sucks. Rampant instability meets political craziness in a mesh that discourages most entrepreneurs from company building. That's why we've got to celebrate those few special companies that actually did make it, despite the odds. So we've got power cuts and internet problems? Doesn't mean we can't start up a company!

3. You’ll get to meet some really cool geeks

Hosted at Seeqnce, GEW's closing party will be full of the smartest and most innovative people in Lebanon. From entrepreneurs to investors, industry leaders, professionals, geeks, designers, hackers, marketeers and even students, these geeks will eventually be your employers... so you best make friends now. From an online community of Arab designers to a 21st century to-do list and an online Arab dating website, meet the young people responsible for some of 2012’s coolest startup programs.

4. Samer Karam’s (founder of Seeqnce) fantastico moustache

It’s worth it just for that.

5. It’s a party. It’s what Lebanon does best


Top 5 Reasons to Go to GEW's Closing Party

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