Self-proclaimed writer/editor, model for Dolce & Gabana, TV celebrity in Lebanon & Iran (does he look familiar?) @WilliamTDobson tweeted this gorgeous shot of Lebanon positively reeking with beautifulness (Yeah, I'm making up words).

But hey, it's Friday - the hands down best day of the week. So while William T. Dobson - and with a name like that I'm pretty sure he's a duke of some sort - enjoys his breath-taking view in rapture, I dream and await the weekend with a thirst unquenched by anything except for gallons upon gallons of cheap coffee.

Seriously though, isn't Lebanon gorgeous? Especially when you get over the mass pollution, tire burning fetish and political corruption, it kinda seems like heaven on earth.

Now That's What I Call A View

(Photo via @WilliamTDobson)



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