Trudging through our weary lives, we all dream of rest. We all dream of comfort.

And now, thanks to the unintentional wisdom/comedy of the Chinese, our realization has finally manifested itself. The place of hopes and dreams has finally been identified. Nemr Abou Nassar has unequivocally shown us the way.

Ladies and gentleman, the stuff our dreams are made of is actually sh*t.

The fabled land of fantasy is - in reality - the toilet.

Magic and wonder aside, it ain't called a restroom for no reason. Now, I'm a lady, so technically I know nothing of the vile tidings of feces, but sometimes I like to Wikipedia things late into the night. Mostly animals and contagious diseases, but every once in the while, I learn about bodily functions.

So it comes as no surprise when I find out that the toilet actually IS in fact the place of dreams. Tis the grail of all things expelled, the chalice of thine excrement, and the very essence of thine satisfaction. For, without indoor plumbing, where would we be? The Chinese have merely put into words what all of us were thinking: "The Toilet. One Place. One Dream."

In the words of the Lebanese King of Comedy, "I think it's perfect."

Toilet: One Place, One Dream

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The sign is in Chinese not Japanese ヘ(・ω・`*)

Kamal Kassem Youssef on Nov 19, 2012 via web