Happening now, protests in support of Palestinians and Gaza are occurring all over Beirut. Tweep @nmoawad snapped this shot of a huge Palestinian flag draped across a bridge, with individuals underneath declaring their solidarity and support.

(Photo via @nmoawad)

Students are also affirming their pro-Palestinian beliefs through a mass sit-in in AUB, currently happening on campus.

(Photo via Riwa Maktabi)

Humans of Lebanon founder Joey Ayoub was one of the dozens upon dozens of AUB students standing alongside Gaza, many of whom were waving Palestinian flags and wearing their signature scarfs. Says Ayoub of the sit-in, "Having students of various nationalities staging a sit-in in support of [Palestinians of] the Gaza massacre shows how united those with a conscience can be against one of the greatest and most horrifying injustices of our ages."

Eloquently stated, Ayoub's remark expresses sentiments that Arabs and humanitarians echo throughout the world. We who have a voice have a duty to make sure that human rights crimes are headlined and facts are not blurred. We may be the minority, but we are definitely in the right.

Pro-Palestine. Pro-Human Rights.

Beirut in Solidarity with Gaza

(Photo via Joey Ayoub)


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