So this is news in Israel. Nearly a hundred Palestinians have died because of missiles and explosions and the Jerusalem Post decides to write a story about cats and dogs being frightened... and people question why we don't like Israel.

This absolutely disgusting twitter conversation between Jerusalem Post reporter Sharon Udasin and tweeps Uri Horesh, Dia Batal, and Niveen Dajani, was posted on facebook today by Mariam Nawas, and is sure to explode on everyone's feed by tomorrow.

Concerned for her pets' safety, Udasin calls the rockets a "real concern" for southern Israeli pet owners. When she receives comments questioning her moral priorities, Udasin recants, offering to interview Gazan civilians about their pets as well.

Because reporting casualties is overrated.


After everything, Sharon Udasin went ahead and wrote the story. Let us all take a moment to mourn journalism, good sense, and above all, humanity. Shu hal araf?

Israeli Pets Are Terrified of Rockets

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