In one of the most clever advertisements I have seen in a very long time, Metro Train Station's new video Dumb Ways To Die is adorable, practical and above all, superbly catchy.

With lyrics like "Keep a rattlesnake as pet/ Sell both the kidneys on the internet/ Eat a tube of superglue/ “'I wonder what’s this red button do?'” Dumb Ways To Die is without a doubt the most safety friendly video currently on the internets. Colorful little blob people act out each of their deaths with joy, later appearing in their adorably maimed form to sing out the tune's catchy chorus.

The last couple tragically precious accidents all revolve around trains, bringing home a legit message of practicing safe conduct near trains. Adorable yet meaningful, I totes recommend you take three minutes of your time to watch this video. If anything, you'll definitely have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day...

Dumb ways to many dumb ways to die...


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