Yes. You read that correctly.

Paris Hilton has decided to open a luxury brand shop in Mecca Mall, making this her fifth shop in total in Saudi Arabia. Now, we all know Saudi's infamous reputation for being the moneybanks of the Middle East, but I feel like it's kinda stepping the line to allow Paris to open a shop in the holiest city of Islam.

Then again, many reactions to the story were pretty ridiculous in an of themselves. It's not like any mall - and especially a mall in Saudi - isn't full of luxury brand stores to begin with. And Paris does already have four other stores in Saudi.

So this one is an up in the air WTF. Are the reactions ridiculous? Is the store's location? I'm gonna go ahead and say yes to both and proclaim this a double WTF - a DWTF. (I'm totally going to make this a thing).

Paris Hilton Opens Store in Mecca

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