Created in 2009, Luanatic is a funky concept that prints slogans and Lebanese colloquialisms on basically everything. Check out our top five favorite picks below, and if you like them, make sure to check out Luanatic's facebook page. They've also got a shop in Mar Mikhael filled with cute stuff that's all locally-made for those of you in the Beirut area.

1. Bags galore. Gotta love the "From Beirut With Love."

2. Mahshee Koussa - on a wall. It's like the best kitchen ever.

3. Suber Baba! A gift any Arab father could appreciate.

4. Eiffel Tower Wall Sticker With Tarboush - Lebanon, in a nutshell.

5. Misc T-Shirt Designs. My favorite is definitely "ho ho ho."

Top 5 Funky Luanatic Designs

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