Over the weekend, demonstrators took to Tahrir Square (for what seems like the hundreth time) to protest President Moursi's new legislation. Regardless if you approve of his supposedly temporary law or not, the fact remains - Egyptian people are not happy.

Three women in the protests were reported by Al-Ahram newspaper to have been sexually assaulted by a group of men. They fled to the nearby Mugamma administrative building, though the assaulters attempted to chase them down. In a tribute to good faith, dozens of other protesters proceeded to disperse the assaulters with sticks, allowing the women to reach safety.

Al-Ahram also reports that sexual assault cases have increased since the infamous Tahrir protests. And so, I give a gigantic WTF to those supposed Islamists who think assaulting women is totally okay. The last thing Egypt needs right now is another mindless protest of testosterone-seeping men who love shouting.

Three Women in Tahrir Square Sexually Assaulted by Crowd

(Photo via egyptindependent.com)



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