With the beginnings of December upon us, it's time to spice up our playlists with those long forgotten melodies that have been stored waaaay waaay deep down in our prefrontal cortex. And so, ladies and gentleman, it is with great pride that I present my own list of the 10 best Christmas songs of all time. Ever. Always. Ta-da!

1. Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells

So let's get this straight. Frank Sinatra IS Christmas. That being said, Jingle Bells is pretty much it's theme song. Combine the two and you've got a magical jazzy edition of one of the best songs of all time, complete with backup singers, a brass ensemble, and Ol' Blue Eyes crooning to the melody. Cue Eargasm.

2. The Drifters -I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Yes, Bing Crosby is technically king of this song, but Home Alone holds a special place in my heart. Every time I hear this version my mind wanders back to a crystal clear image of Kevin singing in his bathroom, blasting The Drifters in pure bliss. And really, who can't love that? "KEVIN!"

3. Michael Bublé - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Bringing back nostalgia in tidal waves, Michael Bublé is easily this generation's Sinatra, but in a spiced up more current way. Transforming a timeless classic into a moving rendition of his own, this has got to be my favorite version of the song by far. And really, Bublé's entire Christmas album is something worth buying. There's just something so sexy about a man who truly loves Christmas....

4. Dean Martin - Let it Snow!

Oh the weather outside is frightful...but Dean Martin is hear to make it all better. One of the greats of old, Martin is almost as Christmas-y as Sinatra, 'cept with a gentler twist. I am proud to say I blast this version almost nonsensically every holiday, praying to the weather gods for snow. Ah, well.

5. Wham! - Last Christmas

Dear readers, this is my family theme song. Not as classical as my other picks, true, yet if you ever get the chance to hear my tone deaf father singing - almost roaringly - "This year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special" you will totally understand why I love it. And also Wham. I freaking ADORE Wham.

6. Celine Dion - So This Is Christmas

Christmas isn't complete without celebrity icon and singing queen Celine Dion, who's voice sounds like a chorus of thousand weeping angels. With an absolutely breathtaking register and a grasp of high and low notes that can only be mastered by select few, this song was a definite no brainer on my list. I totally heart Celine.

7. Mean Girls - Jingle Bell Rock

So I know we all jiggled to this song when we were wee little pups in diapers, but I decided to opt for a less than orthodox version for my list. Back when Lindsey Lohan was the "it" girl and Mean Girls was the best movie ever, this sexy dance routine was all the rage in high school. I think it's about time to relive some memories.

8. The Jackson 5 - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

He's got a really shiny nose, is Santa's right hand man - ehm - deer, and he get's teased by the other reindeers. If you haven't figured it out by now, shame on you! How could you forget Rudolph? The Jackson 5 totes didn't. In fact, they payed tribute to the famous Christmas figure with a rendition of their own, adding effortless harmonies to a classic song that you've got to admit is brilliant. And really, you could even say it glows...

9. Jason Mraz - Winter Wonderland

Okay, so this song is a guilty pleasure of mine. I may or may not be (you guess) totally and completely and utterly and OMG-HE'S-SO-HOT obsessed with Jason Mraz. And so, naturally, I had to add one of his Christmas pieces to my list. In all fairness though, it's a pretty legit version, reminding you of a Winter (not weiner) Wonderland set in Hawaii. Acoustic awesomeness.

10. Zach Braff and Donald Faison - Baby It's Cold Outside

Saving the absolute best for last, Zach Braff and Donald Faison hit a new fantistical level of bromance with their cover of one of the classiest hits of all time - Baby It's Cold Outside. Even if you're not a fan of their TV show Scrubs, anyone with even the slightest sense of humor can appreciate this tribute to guy love. And to make it even better, they've got surprisingly good voices. And they're sexy. And awesome. And I love them. The End.


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