War and rampage have for so long been a part of Lebanese life that many of us fail to acknowledge other's wariness upon arriving in the country. We banter, tease, and dismiss the idea of bombings and gunshots, while the foreigners around us flee in fear for their lives or, in the case of the numerous eager journalists, jump head first into the fray.

This picture tweeted by @KarenChekerjian shows just how odd that dichotomy really is. A sign bearing the logo of a gun, with a green slash across of it forbidden the use of firearms, is undoubtedly ignored by the majority of the local population in the frequent times of conflict.

To foreigners like Karen, however, it's unusual. Why, they must ask themselves, is it even necessary to have such a sign?

Beirut. A curious city indeed.

A Curious City Indeed

(Photo via @KarenChekerjian)


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