This survey, conducted on 150 countries by the Gallup polling firm, has determined that the Middle East is one of the unhappiest regions in the world. On this map, shades of yellow, green, blue and purple reveal a country's average emotional levels and, surprise, surprise, Lebanon is at the extremely emotional end of the spectrum.

For a region filled with so much argileh, hummos, and tablas, the Middle East obviously has some unresolved issues. Dictatorship, poverty, rowdy peoples, and blistering heat are probably some of them. Maybe.

It should be noted that the darkest purple, that is, the most emotional, doesn't necessarily correspond to happiness. According to the Washington Post, "negative emotions are highest in the Middle East and North Africa," despite the fact that both regions were the same shade purple as the Americas.

Unsurprisingly, the highest happiness levels go to the North America. With that percentage of obesity, who wouldn't be happy? Northeastern Asia is shockingly stoic, which we’re sure doesn’t have anything to do with their post-Soviet nature or the fact that they have the highest alcohol consumption in the world.

I mean, who ever said communists weren’t friendly?

Middle East Ranked As One of the Unhappiest Regions

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