Okay so this one's kind of specific, but for a good reason.

We work hard here at Beirut.com. We sit on our desks and type furiously, interview people and place calls, drink mucho coffee, and, occasionally, take well deserved breaks on our balcony. And naturally, during our fleeting breaks, we people watch.

So people watching is normally not especially exciting, but today we caught a man burning items on the side of the street - in broad daylight. Creating a mini-bonfire of his own right outside a parking lot, this dude represents what we loathe in Lebanon - people who think it's totally normal to do whatever they want irrespective of social norms and regulations.

Because seriously, if you want to burn shit, do it on your own property.

People Who Burn Things in the Middle of the Street

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Whard Sleiman on Mar 8, 2013 via web