Lebanese rocker Jay Wud is back on the music scene with the much anticipated release of his latest album, False Utopia.

Now available for purchase online and at Virgin Megastores, False Utopia's inherent theme is carried through a compilation of songs that separate truth from illusion, revealing the bliss of utopia as a poignant series of disappointment and realization.

Featuring 10 tracks, the album is an amalgamation of old-school rock vibes seamlessly infused with intense guitar riffs and a head-banging drum beat. The title track is especially noteworthy, with other tunes like "Lovelust", "Kings and Beggars", and "Incomplete Heart" being some of my favorites.

Listen to a free stream of his latest album here. Let's help support Lebanese artists worth supporting.

Jay Wud's False Utopia Hits Shelves at Virgin

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