5 seKonds late a band is made up of friends who have played together in an assortment of occasions and musical gigs over the years. The members bring their various musical backgrounds to the table to create blends of blues, groove, and rock with a hint of funk.

Shahan Kilaghbian has been in the music world since he was five years old. His background is in Classical piano, but during his teen years, he also started experimenting with guitar, drums, and bass guitar. He likes all styles of quality music, regardless of the genre, but he has particular love for Groove.

Raffi Elmajian has been into music since his childhood. With a background in classical piano, Raffi ventured into the musicianship of guitar during his teen years. Later, he expanded to include the trumpet and the traditional Armenian reed instrument (duduk). Influenced mostly by Classical music, Blues, Funk, and Rock, Raffi also added Jazz to the repertoire.

Raffee Pasrseghian started playing the drums in his pre-teen years, inspired by a good musician friend. Over the years, he has played for many different kinds of bands, such as Rock, Blues, Pop, and Armenian. Raffee’s influence has always been and remains mainly classic rock.

Lucy Tavitian joined the band in September 2010 as the new vocalist. Be it with up-beat tunes or a ballade with the piano, Lucy has brought new flavor to the band's performances.

5 seKonds late

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5 seKonds late Live Music
5 Sekonds Late Live Music


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