Mansion is a 800 square meter abandoned villa in Zoqaq el Blat, Zarif, ready to live again and reshape a dying neighborhood with its pretty little garden and your involvement. The Mansion is a multi-purpose collective space with studios and offices. It is spacious, has a high ceiling and is on the quiet side of town. It is where you can show your work in progress or wait until the very end to exhibit or perform. It is where you can eat cheap homemade food while you watch movies, debate, read, remember what the words silent and tree used to mean in the context of Beirut. The Mansion is a one off opportunity to change the world or fast-forward its demise.

Mansion also hosts a little café running twice a week, conditioned to remain a “cultured” space. Mansion has a big hall that organize galas, fund raising dinners, performances, film screenings, exhibitions. It has a secondary main space to organize meetings, workshops. It also features a public library and a reading space.


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    Abdul Kader Street Zokak el-Blat Mob.: +9613412659


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