For only $1599 you can marry the love of your life on the gorgeous island of Cyprus.

With the catch line "Civil Marriage....As Simple As Saying I Do", Jawlat Travel and Tourism is offering couples - who might have otherwise been unable to marry - the chance to tie the knot officially. Now we know it's the thought that matters, but I must admit that Jawlat's delivery is a bit questionable.

Cyprus has long been a popular destination for Lebanese couples of different faiths hoping to marry, as civil marriage is unavailable here. And I'm all for civil marriage, but for Cyprus to commercialize it to the extent that it has become a tourist attraction seems to detract from it's inherent purpose. Marriage is supposed to be a blessed occasion, and I feel that attaching a tagline to the notion makes it seem like a popularized gimmick.

And at the end of the day, civil marriage is still marriage and that should be the happiest day of a couple's life. Regardless of the price tag.

Are You Crazy Enough to Get Married?

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