Known as the hipster destination of Beirut, Cafe Younes is - in my opinion - the greatest coffee house franchise in all of Beirut.

Affordable gourmet coffee, delicious food, decent service and a cozy yet work friendly environment, Cafe Younes is more often than not my go-to chill spot, especially during the holiday season.

If you're still missing out on some holiday cheer, grab a mug of steaming hot chocolate and take a seat by their tree. And tweep @gullan211 did just that, tweeting pics of her cafe time cheer.

Another Cafe Younes fan, tweep @alibomaye also enjoyed a quaint sit at Younes despite a power outage, tweeting a pic of the spot from inside out. The best place for a chillax time, if you haven't yet been to Younes, I think it's about time.

I'm really craving some coffee right now.

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