Magnolia Bakery has finally arrived in Beirut and my, what an entrance it's made. Fully stocked with cakes, cookies, and just about anything that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, this bakery is most definitely on my to-do list.

@daliasaad89 was ever so kind enough to tweet these pictures of NY based bakery. Look at them. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

(Photo via @daliasaad89)

The peanut-butter chocolate chip bars are calling out to me. I can just imagine sinking my teeth into their moist and fudgy exterior. The crispness of the chips and the creaminess of the frosting coalescing in perfect harmony on my tongue.

And dear me, look at those cupcakes. It’s a wonder I’m not obese.

Thank god for Pilates.

(Photo via @daliasaad89)

NYC's Mangolia Bakery Opens in ABC Dbayeh

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