Raghunter, just made Christmas shopping so much easier. A new Lebanese website where you can shop for high-end Lebanese brands online, Raghunter offers a wide variety of accessories and clothing, conveniently organized in lists like "Gifts for Mom", "Gifts for Boyfriend", "Gifts for Wife", among others.

I spent a good amount of time perusing around the website, and I've found what I think are the five best gifts for her. Warning though, this stuff can get pretty pricey.

1. Jeweled Bangles from Cera Barr - Beirut - $140.00.

2. Gold Fall Dress from Sandra Mansour - Gemmayze - $1,325.00.

3. Glitter-Encrusted Brown Ring from Kamishibai - Achrafieh - $336.00.

4. Small Faded Pink Tutu from Lara Khoury - Gemmayze - $650.00.

5. Emerald Gold Unicorn Necklace from Cera Barr - Beirut - $230.00.

Top 5 Favorite Raghunter Gifts

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