We're loving this AltCity sticker that was passed out at last month's TEDxBeirut.

It reads "We make this city..." followed by a blank space to fill out whatever you think we give to Beirut. If it was me, I'd probably write "a delicious place" or "really, really polluted."

But this guy, @vkurumilian, thinks outside the box.

One of three founders at Beirut Colors, an organization dedicated to livening up Beirut, Vladimir tweeted a photo of his sticker, which he signed, “We make this city a beautiful place.” With “we” in bright yellow, this makes our patriotic sides squirm with suppressed “hurrahs.”

I think we can all agree that Beirut is in need of some color. Why don’t we all take a leaf out of Vladimir’s book, and liven it up together?

Let's Make Beirut Beautiful

(Photo via @vkurumilian)


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Thanks Kanzi! Glad you like the sticker! It is a simple one, to be sure, but we worked with our friends at A Fish In Sea to have something that is fun, simple, and participatory. There have been some great ones, but this one by Beirut Colors is certainly one of our favorites, as well. If you (or anyone) finds other fun/inspiring ones, please share with us (fb.com/AltCity)! Cheers!

David Munir Nabti on Dec 9, 2012 via web