Don't miss a one-of-a-kind exhibition of old movie posters from the Lebanese and Arab Cinema by Tamara Ismail. The exhibition will include the screening of two rare old movies.

The Exhibition will continue on Monday, December 17 and Tuesday, December 18.

Monday, December 17: "The Black Jaguar"

Synopsis: Agent 999, played by Ihsan Sadek, is in pursuit of a drug dealing gang, and helping him is a girl that is part of the gang who falls in love with him. The police succeeds in capturing the gang with the help of agent 999.

Tuesday, December 18: "Red Roses"

Synopsis: "Red Roses" was the first Lebanese movie with the Lebanese slang as the spoken language. It's also the first Lebanese movie to be screened in Beirut Cinemas and in Roxy Cinema more precisely. The movie tells a story about Lebanese traditions and customs.

Directed by: Micheal Haroun in association with Phillipe Akiki
Starring: Eline Freiha

Exhibition of Old Movie Posters of Arab Cinema

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    Metro Al Madina Saroulla Building Hamra Tel.: +9611753021
    Mob.: +96176309363


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