The Gathering, one of Gemmayzeh's newest top-notch restaurants, boasts of American and Italian cuisine. Often forgotten amidst its vast and delectable menu is the third segment, which completes the "gathering" of restaurants: the wine bar.

Hidden underneath the wooden floor boards of The Gathering are racks upon racks of the best wine in Lebanon. This picture, posted on the official twitter of The Gathering, reeks of class. In a wine cellar fitted for the vineyards of Italy, rows of red and white wine bottles gleam under the dim lighting of the cellar.

Stone walls and wooden floors complete the legitimacy of the Italian ambiance and, quite frankly, make me yearn for a candlelit evening, sipping on some of that delectable wine with some soft jazz music in the background.

The perfect evening.

A Wine Cellar Fit For Italy

(Photo via @TheGatheringB)


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