Self-serving foods, cheese and chocolate have always been favorites of mine, and nothing combines them better than fondue. Sadly, Lebanon has no fondue restaurants that won't leave you with a gaping hole in your wallet.

Brace yourself my friends, for affordable fondue is back in town.

Sarah Moussa, graduate of hospitality and management, has brought fondue and raclette back to Beirut and this time more affordable than ever. Her idea for the events stemmed from her time in Paris, in which she'd frequent casual and inexpensive fondue restaurants with her friends. Returning to Lebanon, she lamented the fact that fondue and raclette were considered "fancy foods" and weren't readily accessible to everyone.

So, in cooperation with Coup d'Etat, a homey rooftop restaurant and bar that reeks of welcoming charm, Moussa began weekly Fonds Ta Raclette nights.

The menu opens with a delicious emmental and white wine fondue dip, followed by an array of meats, breads, and vegetables you cook on a raclette grill. Finally (and only available at her Christmas special), the meal closes with perhaps the best chocolate fondue ever to cross my lips. The chocolate comes with a variety of fruits, all of which work delectably with the creamy hot fondue.

Moussa adds a personal touch of Kirch, a cherry flavored alcohol, to each fondue for her own personal--and utterly delicious--touch.

Each course is served with a fine red wine, which complements the flavors of the ingredients perfectly.

Even greater, the best part of the night had nothing to do with the food. Each raclette grill serves eight people, so even if you come with your friends you're encouraged to sit with strangers and share cheese, meat and bread. At the end of it all, you leave the restaurant with a satisfied belly, a phone book full of new friends and a determination to come back for more.

Unfortunately, these events will only be happening throughout the winter season. Needless to say, I shall most definitely be taking advantage of them while they last.

Fondue Parties Are Back in Beirut

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