Dear Ivy,
I finally got the courage to ask out this girl who I've had a crush on for over a year. How do I impress her with an awesome, anything-but-ordinary date?

Don’t overdo it you don’t wanna scare her off. This is your first date and you’re right to care since first impressions are lasting. It’s almost like a job interview; you’re going to be selling yourself and make sure you get that second call back.

First dates usually entail A LOT of talking followed by a series of awkward moments. So here’s an idea: how about you take her to an amusement park for a cliché ride on a Ferris wheel followed by some Go–karting. This way you can have an interesting chat while overlooking the city and then test out her competitive side. Buy her some cotton candy and try to win her a big teddy. (Cheesy, but it will give her something to gush about with her girls.)

But to really make the date a memorable one (literally) find a photo booth and get silly inside. Make sure she gets to keep copy of the pictures.

Finish things off with a casual dinner and perhaps a bottle of wine. This way you’ll both loosen up and share some more!

Dear Ivy,
So I've just started dating this guy (it's been about 3 weeks) and we are exclusive. We have a great time together and I feel like we really connect, but there's one problem: he's a horrible communicator over the phone. When I text him, he almost always responds with one-word generic expression like: "hahaha," or ":)" or "yeah." What gives?

Story of our lives. Women over-communicate and guys just don’t understand how dry they come off. But it’s in their anatomy trust me, they just can’t help it.

As long as you know his one-word replies don’t stem from actual indifference towards you, you have nothing to worry about. Most men are more comfortable expressing themselves in person and don’t care for that cyber-connection and reassurance us girls need.

Do you see each other frequently? If so, you also don’t wanna come off as the overly attached girlfriend (OAG) that needs to be in constant contact with her man all the time, especially since you guys have only been an item for only 3 weeks.

Leave the fun texting for your girlfriends and focus on having a real-life connection with him.

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