To be honest, we were torn about whether to classify this particular picture under "Stuff We Love" or "Stuff We Hate." What broke the tie was 100% pure Lebanese nostalgia. The kind where you shake your head in disapproval but have a smile on your face at the same time. The kind where you think "oh dear god," but it's okay.

Like this picture, for example, tweeted by @HSAyoub which shows perhaps one of the most atrocious items of clothing I have ever seen: a shirt or sweater of some sort with a Puma tag and the Ralph Lauren logo plastered all over the hood.

We think Ayoub's comment, "akid made in Lebanon" is spot on. With a picture like that, we can't help but shake our heads in a sad (but ever so amused) fondness for our silly, brand-ridden country.

Made in Lebanon

(Photo via @HSAyoub)


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