Surprise surprise, a new bar is opening up in Gemmayze. Nothing special, right?

Wrong! The Mansion, a spot that looks seriously awesome, opens tonight and promises all sorts of things that make it so much more unique than the typical Gemmayze pub.

Published on their official Facebook page, The Mansion gives an eerily intimidating description of themselves which, oddly enough, makes me really want to go.

"This is where Lestat first bit Louis. where Victor Ward first kissed Chloe. This is also where Nico introduced Iggy to oral things, where Jagger and Bowie had their suspicious minglings.

"In that left room is where Chuck and Blair first held hands, on the right one is where Marc Bolan started a band. “This is Sinatra at the opera, bring a blonde”, this is a place where there are no wrongs.

"And because this city needs another dimension, because lack of imagination is a sin, this is The Mansion.


Makes you feel like there should be an "or else" tacked on the end, doesn't it?

Even better, Gino's Blog newest post promises free drinks tonight, The Mansion's opening night, which begins at 8:00pm.

I think I'll be seeing you there.

The Mansion. Tonight. Go. (Or Else.)

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