In honor of Brit Floyd's upcoming performance in Beirut this weekend, here's a tribute to music fans who still believe bands should have integrity, soul, and indefinite but wondrous musical sequences that resemble what most people might recognize as a song. Here are five types of people who listen to Pink Floyd:

1.The Stoner

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Loves rolling weed on top of his vinyl Pink Floyd collection. Has listened to the full 23 minutes and 31 seconds of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” on five hits of acid. Buys every new release by the band including books and boxsets. Is the president of the Pink Floyd bootleg forum. Has been known to tell his friends, "When Pink Floyd is playing, you shut the f*ck up." Owns too many Floyd t-shirts to mention.

2. The Stoner's Girlfriend

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Wonders who that Pink Floyd guy is that her boyfriend’s always talking about. Can only name the “Wall" album. Can often be seen wearing a Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt, which she only wears because her boyfriend gave it to her.

3. The Pseudo-Intellectual Music Snob

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Regularly lectures his friends about the finer points of Pink Floyd’s awesomeness. What would be cheesy synth parts in the hands of anyone else, he professes, are instead majestic passages worthy of academic and spiritual contemplation. Floyd, he goes on to say, is one of the world's highest grossing and beloved bands because it refuses to cater to the lowest common denominator of music fans, as opposed to most mainstream acts of today. Loathes the fact that the frat boy he buys weed from has a Pink Floyd poster hanging up next to a poster of Sublime in his dorm room.

4. The Musician

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In high school, he started a Pink Floyd cover band and won first place in the annual talent show for their rendition of "Wish You Were Here.” Got his first speeding ticket while listening to "On The Run." Was once quoted saying: "I would drag my tongue trough half a mile of broken glass just to be able to hear Pink Floyd fart trough a walkie-talkie live in 1973."

5. The Old Guy (Your Dad)

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Has seen every single Floyd concert since the band's formation. Lives in a small basement where he lures teenage fans of dubstep inside in an effort to force them to listen to every single Pink Floyd album ever made, on full volume. Believes Pink Floyd's decades of work rewards the listener with a deep appreciation for original music that defies categorization. Can often be heard saying that 24 hours does not constitute enough time in the day to listen to Pink Floyd. Shows up at concerts and is immediately delegated the "old guy" for the duration of the event. Cue the sea of eye rolls from all the young people.

See y'all at Brit Floyd this weekend.

Five Types of People Who Listen to Pink Floyd

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