2012 has been a pretty momentous year for popular Lebanese band, Adonis . With a magazine cover and successful album already under their belt, Adonis can now add Christmas tune to their list of accomplishments.

Check out their newest song, "Fi Zini Ktir", which pays tribute to the holiday spirit in a contemporary Arab style that holds true to Adonis's musical identity. The song combines whimsical lyrics, an upbeat guitar riff, and a melodious amalgamation of instruments seamlessly weaved together with lead singer Anthony Khoury's voice.

The video itself is Christmas-y in feel, what with its snowy set design, its white and silver color scheme and its display of unity through the random individuals shown singing along. Overall, Adonis provides a Christmas song worthy to it's name, bringing classic Lebanese culture into a Christmas deluge of happiness.

And if you want to catch more of Adonis, make sure not to miss their next concert on Dec 20, where they'll be playing a variety of tunes including "Fi Zini Ktir". I'll see you there.


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