1. The Atmosphere

A small yet quaint resto-pub, BoBo's atmosphere attracts the artistic soul. Made for chillax conversations and zen meetings, BoBo's makes for the perfect afternoon destination or a night time rendezvous, but most of all, it makes for a cultural appreciation spot - with guests being the culture.

2. The Food and Drinks

Offering a wide variety of cultural dishes depending on the the night, BoBo's food provides for authentic delicacies at affordable prices. Occasionally serving African, Spanish, and Turkish food - to name a few - BoBo's cuisine offers something for every palette. For the Lebanese at heart you can still order your fill of fattoush, spicy potatoes, chicken and samak rolls, and fried halloum among other dishes. They've even got a speciality drink that's a must-try: the BoBo shot vodka.

3. The Crowd

BoBo's age group is a comfortable 24+, where the crowd is a mature, yet chill age range. Boasting an artistic medley of directors, musicians, and actors - including Nadine Labaki - you can always find a stimulating conversation partner or interesting drinking budding. And if you're eager to make new friends join BoBo during their Sucara night - where a crowd of people who don't know each other sit together and converse over open arak and food, all for just 30,000 L.L.

4. The Theme

BoBo's name comes from the concept of the Bohemian Bourgeois, an 18th century concept that came from the higher class wanted to live artists life. It later became a hippie movement that gained popularity in France, and soon shortened to just "BoBo."

BoBo's owner, sociologist and artist Mr. Nasser Ajami, was enraptured by the concept and soon brought his own spin to Lebanon. An avid fan of art, he has sponsored 18 artistic and cultural events in the past three years alone.

Staying true to his world theme, Mr. Ajami hires African migrant workers as staff, as he values their work ethic and integrity. He also makes sure BoBo is a friendly place for both Lebanese and foreigner, remarking that "workers should be served just the same as Lebanese."

5. The Music

Featuring live bands at least twice a month, BoBo's music repetoire featuers instruments and musicians from all over the globe. With Saturday night African music, Sunday night Jazz, and occasional Spanish, Funk, Arabic and even Irish music among others, BoBo's eclectic compilation of World music spins a refreshing vibe that makes it unique on the resto-pub scene. And whatever the music, you can be sure it's awesome.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go To BoBo

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