Rina Chibany has once again dazzled us with her gorgeousness. Starring in the Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, Miss Lebanon 2012 once again steals the spotlight from the other international contestants.

In September, Chibany was crowned Miss Lebanon, with her twin sister as first runner up. She has since moved on to Miss Universe, where she's competing against 89 other women for the crown. And, judging by this picture posted on Rina Chibany's official Facebook page, she's quite the formidable opponent.

Country pride aside, I think she's a stickler for first place. Her dress for the Miss Universe costume round is drop dead gorgeous. Looking like she just stepped out of Greek mythology, Chibany glides ever so gracefully across the stage, her dress billowing behind her in a glorious goddess-like aura.

By far, my favorite competitor in the bunch. Look through all the contestant’s costumes here. And vote for Chibany for Miss Universe, here.

Miss Universe is live at 3:00 AM Beirut time. A little late, I know, but so very worth it.

Rina Chibany Dazzles at Miss Universe Competition

(Photo via Facebook)


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