Safety is everyone's number one concern. Every non-masochist cringes at the thought of an excruciating death. So when we see horrible things on the news about people dying brutally, we all shudder a little at the thought of so much pain.

That being said, when watching movies like Final Destination, in which people die in the most creative of cruel endings, we're entertained. But that's because things like a giant tree log falling off the back of a truck and flying into your windshield and through your body, pinning you to your car seat are ridiculously unrealistic.

Or not.

This picture, posted by @Arabear, makes my toes curl and the hair on the back of my neck rise. Imagine driving behind this truck and seeing the long and heavy wooden poles peeking out of the back. If the driver brakes too quickly? You're screwed. A sharp turn? Say goodbye to your loved ones.

Not to mention that the truck is already tipping precariously over a curb, which I'm pretty sure is also insanely dangerous.

Now I realize that safety laws in Lebanon are next to none, but come on. Someone get this guy off the streets before we start Final Destination 6.

A Safety Hazard Fit for Final Destination

(Photo via @Arabear)


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