Christmas is a time of celebration, appreciation, and family.

More importantly, it is a time for donations, gift-giving and gratefulness. We who have the means and health to provide for the less fortunate should actively donate when and where we can. And channeling the spirit of Christmas, Notre Dame Scouts Group IXeme Beirut are hosting fundraiser "Projet de financement" for four families in need.

Though they actively help throughout the year with a wide variety of causes, Group IXeme particularly strives to help during the holidays. This year, their four target families will be recipients of much needed food, medicine, clothes, toys, and funding for rent, electricity, school supplies, health care and serious medical operations.

Group Chief IX, Rodolph Saade explained that these families went through particularly tough times this year and are unable to afford many basic necessities, saying that they "know specific families who don't know how to ask for help" and that many of them are "either kids from school or neighbors."

"At least in Christmas everyone should remember to help others and be grateful for what they have" remarked Saade.

For those who wish to donate, Group IXeme's project will be taking place this Saturday, December 22 where you will be able to donate funds and various items to the four families. And, as Saade puts, "Most importantly, they are in need your prayers."

Group IXeme Beirut Fundraise for Charity

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