Christmas decorations in a city are by far the coolest there is. From 10 stories-tall Christmas trees, to giant moving Santa Clauses, cities are the place to go for decorations.

That being said, Beirut has always fallen a bit behind on its urban counterparts. New York has the famous New Years ball, Chicago dyes its river green for St. Patrick's Day, and the Champs Elysees decks out with its famous Christmas lights.

But what is Beirut known for? Year by year, Beirutis are noticing the subtle shift towards more grandeur decorations, but we still have a ways to go.

That being said, what little decor we do have is quite lovely. This photo, posted by @WeAreLebanon, show us how charming the simple things can be.

Beirut Dons Its Seasonal Garb

(Photo via @WeAreLebanon)


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